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Jrock Secret
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Japanese Rock music secret based community.

Based on popular LJ communities such as ljsecret, rocksecret and musicsecret, jrocksecret is a place for secrets to be posted in the form of graphics and/or pictures. What separates this community from the others is that it focuses strictly on anything that deals with Japanese music. Despite the 'jrock' in the name, anything from jrock to jpop is allowed here. All said communities are based off the original idea Postsecret.

To participate in this fun little community, all you need is a graphics program, a picture and your very own secret. Programs that work well are Photoshop, PSP and Gimp. Places like Imageshack and Photobucket are good places to host your images. Aside from picture secrets, text secrets are also allowed.


01. All secrets must be kept below 800 (height) x 600 (width). Anything that is larger than this will not be posted.
02. It should be YOUR secret. Not anyone else's.
03. Follow the rules of the Submission post so you can be sure that yours will be posted. Do not post secrets in a Secrets post.
04. Secrets about fans are allowed BUT remember to follow these guidelines for such submissions:
- Screen caps are allowed but the username, icon, LJ layout or absolutely anything pertaining to identifying the person in question must be blurred out. For example, if you are screen capping a comment left by someone, only the comment in particular should be showing. Nothing else.
- If you are going to screen cap, absolutely do not cap a comment left by someone in their personal journal under any circumstances. If it is found out that a submission was from such a source, the use of screen capping will be banned altogether. Keep that in mind.
- Remember to keep it on the topic of j-rock. Do not use this rule to purposely bash a fan for something completely unrelated to the sole purpose of this community. Secrets like that will not be allowed through. NO PERSONAL ATTACKS.

05. As voted on by members, secrets about "I want to fuck (insert jrocker here)" are banned. Sorry y'all.

06. Debating and arguing is allowed in this community. You can say almost anything you want as long as it's not rascist, discrimitory or anything that obviously crosses the line. Choose your words wisely. If you push it too far, you will be banned immediately.

07. Be patient with us mods. We have lives.

08. We have a commenting system for every post. The mods create a new thread per secret, so that each thread can remain on the topic of the individual secrets, making the drama and wank easier to find for our members, and like-minded people able to easier express their opinions without having to scour every single comment in the post to find people to agree with or disagree with. Commenting outside of these threads is against the rules.

- asianpopsecret

Credit to monstershade
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